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The composition of bows and arrows

2023-08-23 16:44:23

A bow consists of several parts: the bow tip, the bow arm, the bow handle, and the string pad. Their functions are as follows:


The bow tip mainly serves to hook the bow string, and is often made of hardwood. It also has animal horns, and single wood bows generally do not have a bow tip

The bow arm is the most important energy storage structure of a bow. A composite bow is made by bonding a wooden tire with animal horns using animal glue. A single wooden bow usually only uses wood to make the entire bow body. Therefore, for two types of bows with the same length, a composite bow has much better energy storage capacity than a single wooden bow.

The bow handle is the place where the hand of the person using the bow and arrow holds the bow, and its function is to provide support. This part is usually the thickest part of the entire bow.