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Tips for using a bow

2023-08-23 16:47:59

1. Archer style
There are two main hand movements for archery. One is what Europeans call the "Mediterranean style", which is mainly popular in areas where single body bows are used in the West. The bow string is hooked with the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, and the arrow shaft is on the left side of the bow when hooked with the right hand. The second method is called "Chinese style bow pulling method", which involves using the thumb to hook the string, pressing the thumb with the index and middle fingers, and using the right hand to hook the string, the arrow shaft is on the right side of the bow.


2. Archery

Draw the bow and arrow, with the center of the bow parallel to the line of sight. Hold the bow with your left hand, hold the arrow with your right hand, pull the string back horizontally, and then release - the arrow will fly freely and rapidly towards the target. Practice more. Install several more arrows in the bow cover to quickly fire in a row.

3. Prevent being scratched by arrows
When an arrow flies away from the bow string, it often abrades the skin of the cheeks and hands. The cheeks can be covered with a headscarf or other fabric, and the wrist should be covered with a leather sheath.